Responsible Lending
Access our reliable and licensed credit
We run full consumer credit history checks and make sure that you have calculated your monthly income and costs, to make sure you can repay.
Know how much your loan will cost before you apply
We provide clear and easy to find Rates and Terms along with the ability to view the total cost of your loan before you ever sign the contract.
Know that you won’t pay more than you should
We never charge hidden fees. What you see is what you get. Only a flat finance charge is owed for the services provided.
Know that you are protected
We always maintain our Consumer Credit Licence (No. 631943) under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 and strictly follow all UK lending rules and regulations.
Know that you’re working with a trustworthy lender!
We will only lend to you if we are satisfied that you can afford the loan offered and we ask you to please make sure, before borrowing, that you are confident that you can make the loan repayments as set out in the agreement. We will collect the repayment due, including any applicable charges, on the dates set out in the agreement, by deducting the sum from the account you have nominated and for which you provided debit card details. If this payment transaction fails, then we will make a number of attempts to contact you to find out why repayment was unsuccessful and arrange an alternative repayment plan. We urge you to communicate with us in the event of default; we will show forbearance if you are experiencing financial hardship and the sooner you contact us the sooner we can make alternative repayment arrangements and minimize your default costs. If we cannot contact you or you unreasonably refuse to agree an alternative approach we may make a limited number of further attempts to collect the repayment due on the dates and for the amounts prescribed in your consumer credit agreement.
Citizens Advice Bureau
Helps to resolve money problems by providing free face-to-face information and advice in your community.
The Money Charity (Credit Action)
It is a national financial capability charity providing financial education, information and advice to young people & adults throughout the UK.
Office of Fair Trading
If you are behind with payments and have received an arrears notice OFT can give you some important information to help and advise you.

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